Program Facilitator

Mworldel lives according to the simple philosophy that you create the life you want 🙂 She’s driven by high energy and passion, and thinks that spending time in nature and travelling the globe are just about the best things in life. Mel has lived or travelled throughout every continent except for Antarctica, and when she is in Canada you’ll either find her on the West Coast or the only place she truly thinks of as home: at her cottage in Irondale, where she’s been spending her entire summers ever since she was a baby. She’s happiest living out of a backpack and sleeping in a tent, loves pushing her limits and exploring her edge, and helping others realize just how capable they truly are too! Whether it’s on a long hike in the forest, facing a fear of heights during a ropes course, going on a portage canoe trip, or simply hanging around the campfire, Mel seeks to channel positive energy into others and instil a sense of fun, creativity and curiosity into everything she does.