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From the tried-and-true to cutting edge technology, learn how to get from here to there!  Working in teams, participants will navigate through various courses at Bark Lake.

Orienteering options include:

Compass Orienteering:

Participants will develop a foundation in compass use through a series of progressively more challenging activities.


Participants will develop a foundation in GPS use with emphasis placed on entering coordinates, traveling to a location, and safety precautions.

Map Orienteering:

Using only a map, participants search for control markers.  This activity can be tailored for varying degrees of difficulties.

Photo Orienteering:

Using a compass and a photo taken somewhere on site, participants must determine the bearing that the photographer was facing.

Stolen Snack:

In an epic adventure for the ages, teams will travel far and wide in a valiant effort to earn the food they need to survive!  Some will win, some will lose…(but all will enjoy a snack!)


Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter


Leadership, Recreation, Curriculum (Geography)


Day, Evening

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