I feel your curiousity as you approach this place,
I see the uncertainty apon your face,
And as your feet touch the ground,
Wingless though you are,
A pride swells inside that you have come so far.
Overlapping emotions fill the air with sound,
As your unfamiliar eyes search all around,
I see you carry great sacks into your new nests,
Though you have come a long way you want not for rest.

As the sun shone at its highest i could not get sleep,
I saw your colourful herd arrive at my beach,
I must say i wonder what excites you all so,
But as soon as you came I watched you then go,
Back and forth you ran all laughing and baying,
With queer objects in hand you were proudly displaying,
It reminds me of the wolf cubs when they too are playing,
It ruffles my feathers to know not what you’re saying.

The sun sits close now to our shimmering lake,
Here you all sit within the great floating tree,
Is it the journey for its own sake that you must take?
Or the journey inside so that you too might be free?
I want to soar above you and show you the way,
Farther from the land but closer to home,
You spot me above and your hand reaches out,
And I swear in the moment you and I were alone.

I stretch my wings one last time as I lay down,
But here you all gather once more by a fire,
The sun is but a red glow on the horizon now,
But it seems as though your spirits wont tire,
As you open your mouths I expect more clashing noise,
But even the oldest of souls can be wrong,
You’re all different sizes and shapes,
You come from all different wakes,
But you all gathered to sing the same song.
Waves on the water at sunset


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